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From Chains to Bonds, The Slave Trade Revisited: Compilation of papers from UNESCO's 3-year study that revisits slavery and brings to light powerful information and analysis. Edited by Doudou Diene. (UNESCO Publishing/Berghahn Books)

TheTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade: a data base on CD-Rom documents over 27,000 slave voyages with specific fields of information for each voyage. A stellar compilation of 30 years of international research. By Eltis, Behrendt, Richardson and Klein. (EH.NET and Cambridge Univ. Press )

The Maafa and Beyond by Erriel D. Roberson. A comprehensive book on the African Great Suffering (The Maafa), with some solutions for a brighter future. (Kujichaguhlia Press)

Black Holocaust for Beginners by S.E. Anderson and Vanessa Holley. Easy to digest book with striking graphics and hard info on the horrors Africans experienced during slavery. (Writers and Readers)

The Roots Project: An anthropology project developed by Dr. Bruce Jackson and Dr. Bert Ely links African-Americans and Caribbean people to their West African tribes through DNA research.

Goree The Island and The Historical Museum by Abdoulaye Camara and Joseph Roger de Benoist. Booklet published in Dakar, with enlightening pictures and detailed historical information on Goreé Island. (IFAN/ Goreé Historical Museum)

Stolen Legacy by George G. M. James. World history revisited with a focus on exposing the Western misappropriation of African philosophies and ways.

SBA The Reawakening Of The African Mind, by Asa G. Hilliard III, Prof. of Urban Education, Georgia State University.

Singing in the African American Tradition: Sing along with this 3-CD set, designed for learning multi-part choral and congregational vocal music. By Ysaye M. Barnwell (Sweet Honey In The Rock) with George Brandon.

Playing in the Dark by Toni Morrison. Bold expose of the representation of Blacks in the white psyche, using examples from literature and the media. (Harvard Univ. Press)

Traces of the Trade A Story From The Deep North: A documentary film (2006) by Katrina Browne follows her family -- the descendants of the biggest slave trading family in U.S. history -- as they retrace the slave triangle of their ancestors from Rhode Island to Ghana and Cuba.

Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865 by Bertram Korn. Study proving the participation of Jewish people in the enslavement of Blacks. Korn was a presenter at the historic 1974 Fisk University conference: Blacks and Jews: Slave trade and Slavery of Africa, hosted by Dr. John Henrik Clarke.

Sankofa: Feature film by Haile Gerima. During a photo shoot in Ghana, an African-American model is taken back to the past where she finds herself a slave on a Virginia plantation. Mypheduh Films.

America’s Black Holocaust Museum: Founded by James Cameron, survivor of a 1930 lynching, this is the only museum of its kind in America. Located in Milwaukee, its collection goes from the capture of Africans to modern day injustices.

Life and Times of Sara Baartman and The Return of Sara Baartman: Two films by Zola Maseko document a South African woman taken to London in 1810 where she was shown as a freak, then to Paris to be the subject of degrading scientific research. A century later, her remains are returned from France to South Africa, but not without controversy.

Slavery’s Buried Past: A documentary on the discovery, in 1991, of a slave graveyard, a few miles from Wall Street in New York City, and the ensuing controversies.

African Burial Memorial: A museum built on the site of the slave burial ground discovered in 1991 in New York’s lower Manhattan. Commemorative events are held year round and it is open to the public.

The Maafa: Commemoration and Conference Annual weeklong conference and psychodrama held every September in Brooklyn, NY, to raise consciousness, commemorate the suffering of Africans during slavery, and provide healing for the community.

Africans in America: Strong four part TV series exposing unexpected truths about slavery. Also a companion book and a truly interactive web site. Produced by WGBH-TV/PBS.

La Raiz Olivdada: (The Forgotten Root): Slavery In Mexico and De Florida a Coahuila (From Florida To Mexico), two important documentary films by Rafael Trabuco on the Black presence today, as a result of slavery in Mexico. Informative website offers little known info on the first Black town in the Western hemisphere.

The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks by Randall N. Robinson. The author makes the case for the enormous debt White America owes to Black America, but also what Blacks owe to themselves.

Panafest: Ghana Bi-Annual festival in Accra, Ghana, includes various artistic expressions and rituals, with a focus on history, culture and spirituality.

Healing Rhythms, Songs and Chants by Babatunde Olatunji. Inspiring CD with African music and positive affirmations for well being. (Drums of Passion Productions)

Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams. Controversial book with pioneering research on African civilization and a clear description of the means used to destroy it (Third World Press)

50 Days Aboard A Slave Vessel by Pascoe G. Hill. The 1838 notebook of a slave ship chaplain that describes the cruel and painful journey for captives in a slave ship. (Black Classic Press)

A Slave Ship: Step inside this lifesize sculpture of part of a slave ship. Created by sculptor Charles Dickson, installed in Watts (Los Angeles) CA, at WLCAC (Watts Labor Community Action Council).

Christopher Columbus and The African Holocaust: Slavery And The Rise of European Capitalism by John Henrik Clarke. (A&B Book Publ.)

Black Women For Beginners: S. Pearl Sharp’s sassy chronicle, with many graphics, of the Black woman from antiquity to the present. (Writers and Readers)

Dancing Beloved: A modern dance performance to the words of Toni Morrison's novel Beloved. Choreographed by Nailah Randal Bellinger, performed by the Boston-based company Roots Uprising

500 Years Later: Powerful documentary by Owen 'Alik Shahadah (London) presents voices from 20 countries exploring why Africans throughout the Diaspora are still struggling for freedom.

Goree Island : Take a virtual tour of the slave port Goree Island on your computer.

African Diaspora in the Americans: The Latin American Video Archives (New York) offers a collection of films, a study guide and website on this subject.
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Americas Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing by Dr. joy DeGruy Leary, looks at the results of untreated trauma resulting from the atrocities of slavery. Book, video, CDs.

Compiled by Yana Billè and S. Pearl Sharp.
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